Tim Stewart

Tim2014Tim Stewart works in the ancient capital of Japan at Kyoto University. He is a faculty member at the International Academic Research and Resource Center (i-ARRC) where, amongst numerous other duties, he teaches undergraduate EAP courses and graduate TESOL. Tim has engaged extensively (15 years) in interdisciplinary team teaching at colleges in Canada and Japan. He has been very fortunate to have met many colleagues with an interest in collaboration, team teaching and team learning.

To be perfectly honest, I have not engaged in a deeply self-reflective interchange about pedagogy with colleagues since joining a very large research university. That is about to change now that we are opening a new centre for research on teaching and learning. I do, however, teach CD to my graduate students in a rudimentary way. One thing that I discover is that the Understander role seems to be easier for many Japanese students. I learned the importance of Understanding during my early explorations through CD and it has stayed with me. As I have moved into various administrative and supervisory roles, I recall these lessons and try my best to assist colleagues and students to clarify their own thoughts, rather than try to trump them with my superior knowledge. For me, this is the truly liberating aspect of CD. Dr. Attia has inspired me to push my explorations into CD further and I welcome that opportunity.