Carolina Rodriguez Buitrago

CRB websiteI’m the professor of Autonomous Learning Environments at the two Master’s programs in English Language Teaching at Universidad de la Sabana in Bogota, Colombia. Our Master’s programs’ emphasis is on autonomy and the development of self-directed learning. However, what we do has more to do with teaching our student-teachers to develop autonomy and self-directedness in their students, not necessarily themselves. I think that non-judgmental discourse can be very beneficial in everything I do with my students since they learn not only from the contents I share with them, but also from the practices I can implement in my class.

I can foresee some limitations and they are related to the common concept teachers have of supervision and “conversations about professional development” in my country. Even though students in the MA program have embarked it to become better professionals, they still resent having conversations about their classroom practices. I feel non-judgmental discourse can be a great tool once understood as it should be.

I’m willing to be an Understander for whomever may need it, and also I would like to be a Speaker in other situations. We can always listen to and learn from each other.

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