Julian Edge

Unsurprisingly, I see potential for the use of non-judgmental discourse in several areas of my personal/professional life. My continuing use of cooperative development (mostly in its email form of EMCD) means that I can enjoy the special satisfaction of supporting colleagues as they work on their various projects. In return, they do the same for me and I enjoy that unique feeling of being positively accompanied as I talk my thoughts into being.

The establishment of this website opens up new and exciting possibilities. While I have always enjoyed introducing cooperative development to new people, I have never made a concerted attempt to establish a functioning community with a rich set of resources. Mariam’s energy and talents have now created this potential and I hope that I can play a role in helping make it real. This is a humbling experience and one of unlooked-for fulfillment.

More generally, I know that fostering my own ability to listen carefully to what people say, to check with them my understanding of what they have said, to try to see things from their point of view — this capacity enriches my thinking and interactions. That is only one half of what non-judgmental discourse means in CD terms, of course, and the two experiences can’t really be compared. I should also admit that I have probably become less patient with people who show neither desire nor ability to listen to others, and just bang on with their own opinions, or with their arguments against positions that no one is actually taking up but which are easy to attack.

I believe I am in the lucky position of not expecting anything to get in the way of my use of non-judgmental listening in general and Cooperative Development (as Speaker and Understander) in particular.

I can be contacted at: julianedge@hotmail.co.uk